Have you got your teeth properly protected?

A professionally fitted mouthguard will protect your entire mouth, as it cushions any blows or falls by distributing the force of the impact. Your teeth are very important and sports like netball, hockey and football may increase the risk of injury to your gum tissues and your teeth.

All too often, we see injuries to teeth due to contact sports and people wearing ill-fitting mouthguards or no mouthguard at all.  These injuries can be painful, costly and can result in multiple dental visits.  With the support and protection of a professionally made and custom fit mouthguard, you can avoid this scenario altogether!

You might have already seen non-custom or generic mouthguards in the market. Because your teeth need to be protected to the highest standard, avoid these as they are ill fitting and offer little protection, if any.

What's the process to have a mouthguard made?

To have a professional mouthguard made is very simple and painless and there are many colours and designs to choose from.  Why not choose your team colours?  We can also have your name and phone number clearly marked into the mouthguard for you as well.

Some children who play sports may also be at the awkward stage of losing teeth.  We take this into consideration when making mouthguards for our younger patients and there are some simple measures we can put into place to ensure the mouthguard can still fit them well after the teeth have fallen out and new teeth begin to grow!

Your first initial appointment will include having some dental impressions taken using dental putty.  This is a quick appointment and very easily done.  A week later you will be able to come in and pick up your new mouthguard.  When you pick up your mouthguard we will make sure that you are happy with the colour and fit and are able to insert it easily.

Chemist bought vs. Custom made mouthguard

All too often people buy the chemist “kit” mouthguards.  The type you mold yourself, at home.  Whilst this option may be cheaper, the damage done from a blow to the mouth can cause rather serious trauma to the teeth and gums.  

A custom made mouthguard ensures that the fit is exact and therefor offers much more security and protection to the teeth.  We can also allow for missing teeth, wobbly teeth and modify for braces too.

It is very distressing to suffer a trauma to your mouth, furthermore if you are a parent and witness such an injury to a little one.  It is not a nice experience for anyone.

Rather than taking a risk with your teeth, call us on 3202 3999 to organise your fitting today!