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Explore our children's room

We make children's dentist visits fun!!

We ensure your child will love coming to see the dentist.  Our approach is very unique. Set in a colourful, Tooth Fairy themed room, we ensure your child will feel at ease!

Here at Ipswich Dental Care we have put the fun into dental trips for your little one.

We understand the importance of children having a smooth and positive introduction to the dentist.

We ensure your children have a great experience and in turn, will set them up for good dental habits in the future. And everyone leaves with a prize!!

Our approach to children's dentistry is unique

Our resident Oral Health therapist, Helen Zhang knows the importance of a great first impression to dental when it comes to our children.

For this reason, Helen takes a gentle approach with the little ones and likes to let them explore, ask questions and have some fun during their time with us.

Taking a less clinical approach, the kids end up feeling at ease allowing us to examine their teeth without any worry.  Helen see’s the children in a lovely tooth fairy themed room – equipped with the tooth fairy’s castle!

We are able to bulk bill eligible dental visits

This bulk billing scheme through Medicare is formally known as the Child Dental Benefits schedule.

If you would like to know more about the Medicare scheme, or would like to book an appointment with the Tooth Fairy and Elf, be sure to call us on 3202 3999.  Remember these appointments book fast!

Our team will ensure that your child feels secure and happy throughout their appointment. We believe in taking the time to let your child explore their surrounds and will work at a pace to suit your child. We have our fun dragon puppet that will help teach your child about dental hygiene.