Preventative and general dentistry

At Ipswich Dental Care, we believe preventive dentistry is better than a cure

It is easy to maintain good oral health if you have an effective oral hygiene routine at home, coupled with a routine dental check-up program at our clinic. This is why we are proud of our preventive dentistry and general maintenance programs that help you keep a happy healthy smile.

The prevention of dental problems is much more favourable than treating them when it’s too late. Regular examinations help us catch any potential problems early, and helping you keep your healthy smile for life!

Your own dentist will perform your routine maintenance appointments:

  • a thorough and painless examination
  • taking digital x-rays if required
  • cleaning your teeth and gums

General dental services available

Should we pick anything up from your dental examination and x-rays, we will be able to offer you a treatment plan from there.

With regular check ups we will be able to catch any dental disease before it becomes too sinister and costly.

To ensure all of our patients are kept up to date with their general check-up appointments, we offer a reminder service to ensure your dental health is monitored.

Our services include a range of general treatments from Composite Resin (white) Fillings, Crowns, Bridges and Veneers, Root Canal Treatment, Orthodontics right through to Wisdom tooth removal.  In nearly all cases these procedures can be done in house.

Should you require a General Anaesthetic, we can offer this to you through our service at the Ipswich Day hospital.

For our younger patients we make appointments as carefree and as fun as possible

To help us achieve such a visit for the little ones, we offer a unique experience in our Tooth Fairy Wonderland!

Here the children can meet the Tooth Fairy and The Elf and have their teeth checked in the Tooth Fairy Wonderland.

This makes the dentist a fun place to visit and in turn, will help them maintain a healthy relationship with the dentist for life!

We believe prevention is better than cure, call us on 3202 3999 to organise
your check-up!