Gentle dental care for nervous patients

Are you looking for gentle dental care?

You are not alone and here at Ipswich Dental Care we focus on exceeding your expectations when it comes to gentle dental care. Our caring staff will take the time to listen to your concerns and give you exactly what you need to ensure a comfortable visit and in return, great dental care.

Making you comfortable

  • Our treatment rooms are very comfortable and the ceilings are fitted with televisions for you to watch during your procedures.
  • Our rooms are equipped with state of the art facilities to ensure a smooth, efficient service.
  • If you have a delicate back or neck, try one of our comforting pillows
  • Feel free to bring some headphones to listen to your own personal music

Other options to make your dental experience easier

Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as Happy Gas.

This is often used for patients that otherwise find it hard to sit through treatment.

Nitrous oxide is a safe treatment that relaxes patients and allows you to travel home after just a short recovery period.

Nitrous Oxide is easily administered in the dental chair, which is delivered through a nose piece as you breathe through your nose normally. You will remain conscious and aware that you are receiving treatment but you will feel very relaxed.

Experience exceptional patient care

General Anesthetic

For people that feel as though they simply cannot sit throughout the treatment, we do offer general anaesthetic appointments so you can be asleep during procedures.

Our dentists and dental assistants will be on hand to carry out your treatment under general anaesthetic at the Ipswich Day Hospital. 

All bookings for this can be made by contacting our clinic
on 3202 3999