A beautiful and healthy smile is an investment that lasts a lifetime!

Ipswich Dental Care provide orthodontic treatment in a calm and pleasant environment. One of the most noticeable benefits of Orthodontic treatment is a beautiful, straight smile.Other benefits of orthodontic treatment can include:

  • improvement of facial appearance, bringing teeth and lips into proportion
  • improved tooth functionality – biting and chewing
  • reduced tooth wear and tear
  • make teeth easier to clean, which reduces the risk of decay

Braces are a wonderful way to create self-esteem & confidence for anyone at any age.​

Orthodontics is often seen as a dental treatment used in teenagers and young adults, however Dr David Chen has transformed many smiles with orthodontic treatment ranging from teenagers through to adults in their 40’s – 50’s!

The results have been amazing and not only have the functionality of patients teeth improved, but they also have new found confidence in the way their smile looks.

Dr David Chen and Dr Christie Lee, take care of all of our orthodontic patients.

Not only do they do exceptional general dental work, but both have completed an additional two years of training to perfect the art of orthodontics. Dr David Chen and Dr Christie Lee thoroughly enjoy the orthodontic cases and continue to transform beautiful smiles every day!

Booking a consultation with our friendly dentist Dr David Chen or Dr Christie Lee is the first step to exploring your options for a more confident straight smile.

Ask About Our Orthodontic Payment Plan

Deposit $1,500 then pay in instalments per appointment. (Private Health care rebates available).

Orthodontics is a specialty area of dentistry focused on treating irregularities of the teeth and jaws.