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Are you looking for a cosmetic smile makeover? There are so many options at Ipswich Dental Care to achieve the smile you have always wanted. From crowns and Veneers, bridges and white fillings all the way through to whitening treatments, orthodontics and dentures – they have it all covered under one roof.

Recently Dr David Chen had the pleasure of giving a patient a full smile makeover. In this process Dr Chen ensured the patients teeth were in a healthy condition before starting the aesthetic side of the make over. To give the patient that perfect smile he used composite veneers, whitening treatment, crowns and partial denture – which are soon to be dental implants.

It is always so rewarding to see our patients from the start of treatment through to the end. When they have finally achieved the smile of their dreams, they seem so confident and happy.

In terms of cosmetic dentistry, Ipswich Dental Care offers a huge range of treatment options to suit your budget.  They also offer a payment plan for treatment through:

Zip Money

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or for more information.

Creating smiles with a gentle touch