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Ipswich Dental CareIpswich Dental CareIpswich Dental CareIpswich Dental Carefinance optionsIpswich DentalIpswich Dental
Ipswich Dental CareIpswich DentalIpswich Dental CareIpswich Dental CareIpswich DentalIpswich Dentalfinance options

Sterilisation – A Number One Priority!

Sterilisation is an extremely important and crucial procedure within our practice.  We take cleanliness and sterilisation very seriously at Ipswich Dental Care. Our sterilisation bay is complete with modern, state of the art equipment.  Our instruments are tracked, bagged and sterilised through out the entire process.


We keep a written log of all of our sterilisation cycles.  This is where our trained and qualified team members monitor correct temperatures, cycle times, cleaning solution ratios and tracking numbers.  We place our instruments into sterilisation pouches. These pouches contain the tracking number.  Once the cycle is completed, the cycle stats are inspected by our staff to ensure all of the correct parameters were met.  It is only after this, that we can use the instruments during your procedure.  The instruments used throughout your time with us, are logged in your file under the date and time of use.



Not only do we ensure the highest standards of sterilisation are carried out in our practice, but we also maintain the highest standard of infection control in the treatment rooms.  Our fully qualified dental assistants will always ensure that you are met with the cleanest, most sanitised surrounds when in our care.  Our appointments are always realistically scheduled to ensure the dental team has sufficient time to change over the room between patients.

The clinic is always wiped over thoroughly with high strength cleaning solutions and dried. Have you ever wondered what the blue wrap is that we seem to have all over handles and chair switches?  Or what the clear wrap is on the chairs?  These are changed before every patient.  We use this to cover areas that are handled frequently through out procedures.  There are some parts of our equipment that are single use only.  This means we discard after each patient. The use of personal protective equipment is also mandatory in our clinic.  Our team members are always using gloves, masks, glasses and gowns.  This protects us and you during your time with us. Just another measure of infection control for our patients and team members, to avoid any cross contamination.