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Ipswich Dental CareIpswich DentalIpswich Dental CareIpswich Dental CareIpswich DentalIpswich Dentalfinance options

School Holidays – Bulk Billing available

School Holidays are fast approaching. We have spaces available over the holidays!  This can be a good time for you take advantage of the children’s bulk billing for 2018 (for eligible patients).

I can’t believe it is almost Christmas again!  While this is a time for us to relax, enjoy family and friends, it is all too often a time when we can over indulge and forget about our teeth.  Some foods and drinks can be full of sugar and also acids.  This can play havoc on our teeth, especially if we are relaxing a little too much and forgetting our oral hygiene regimes!

Acidic/Sugary Foods and Drink
Many people are not aware that some of our drinks can be quite detrimental to our teeth.  Sugary drinks such as soft drink, juices and flavoured milk can cause damage to our teeth and accelerate rates of decay.  This is the same as sweets, cakes and even some yogurts and dips.  It is very important that after eating these foods, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned with fluoride tooth paste and flossed.  If the sugary content stays on or between our teeth, they create an acid which attacks the tooth enamel and creates decay.

Similar to the sugary foods, consuming too many acidic foods can also accelerate tooth damage.  Drinks such as red and white wine, juices and alcohol all contain a high acidic content.  Some foods are the same.  Citrus fruits and salad dressings are among many of the acid foods we may consume.  These foods and drinks can cause softening of tooth enamel and therefor it is very important to remember to increase water consumption and clean teeth appropriately.

Dental Appointments and Bulk Billing
We know that the school holidays are often a good time for families to book in their dental visits.  For this reason, we have blocked off some extra time to accommodate for our patients.  If you are due for you dental check up or have any concerns, please call us to book the right time for you.  We have Tooth Fairy appointment spaces left for your little ones.  The Medicare Bulk Billing for eligible children aged between 2 and 17 yrs is also available to use.  We encourage our patients to utilise whatever benefits they have left with their health funds before the year is out!  Most importantly, we hope everyone enjoys this festive season!