Ipswich Dental CareIpswich Dental CareIpswich Dental CareIpswich Dental CareIpswich DentalIpswich Dentalfinance options
Ipswich Dental CareIpswich Dental CareIpswich Dental CareIpswich Dental Carefinance optionsIpswich DentalIpswich Dental
Ipswich Dental CareIpswich DentalIpswich Dental CareIpswich Dental CareIpswich DentalIpswich Dentalfinance options

Your Comfort Is our Priority!

At Ipswich Dental Care, we make your comfort our number one priority! Patient care is of the utmost importance to us. Going to the dentist can be unnerving for some people and for that reason, we take your comfort very seriously.  Not only will our staff be understanding, calm and empathetic, but we will always go the extra mile for you.  This is a one stop shop for nervous patients!

Patient Care Like No Other!
Our mission to deliver the best patient care is always on the forefront of our mind.  We offer extra comforts at our clinic, just for you.  Netflix is an option for you to view throughout your appointment.  We do take requests as to what you

Happy Gas
would like to watch also!  The added comfort of blankets and pillows can also help throughout your appointment.  Nitros oxide or “Happy Gas” can assist in helping make your appointment more relaxing. However, if sitting through a dental appointment is something you just cannot manage at all, we have the option of having treatment under a general anaesthetic.

Something For The Little Ones:
Our little ones need some added comfort also!  We believe that creating a good first impression on our littlest patients is so important.  This will give them the best start to a healthy dental regime.  Most of us here at Ipswich Dental Care are parents, and we believe this helps us understand what our young families need.

Firstly, our children have a dedicated children’s waiting area.  Equipped with toys, books and Netflix, this creates a great place for the kids to play while waiting for their appointment.  Its is also a good distraction for them while Mum or Dad are busy with treatment.

Have you heard about our Oral Health Therapist, Kathleen?  Kathleen takes extra special care of our younger patients.  She even knows the Tooth Fairy and can have the Tooth Fairy look after your little one too!  Our Tooth Fairy appointments are very unique.  They provide a wonderful introduction to dental appointments for young children.  These appointments are carried out in a child friendly room, with fun decor, puppets and more.  We find that this creates a less “clinical” feel resulting in the child feeling at ease.

For eligible families, we can offer full bulk billing through Medicare.  If you would like to know if your child is eligible, please click here, and we will do the rest for you!

Payment Options:
Not only do we take patient comfort into consideration, but we also like to be aware of your dental costs/affordability. Therefore we do offer and interest free payment plan through Denticare.  This plan is very flexible and easy to follow.  Our team will talk you through it all when applying.  It is very simple and for as low as $40 a week, you can achieve the smile you have always wanted!  To be eligible you must have employment, good credit history and be an Australian resident. If any of these things rule you out, you can always opt for someone else to go in as your guarantor. We will explain how it all works and fill in the application with you.  Simple!

To discuss any of your preferred options, or if you would simply like to come and meet the team and have a look around our place, feel free to call us on 32023999.