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Ipswich Dental CareIpswich Dental CareIpswich Dental CareIpswich Dental Carefinance optionsIpswich DentalIpswich Dental
Ipswich Dental CareIpswich DentalIpswich Dental CareIpswich Dental CareIpswich DentalIpswich Dentalfinance options

Dental Holidays

Have you heard of a “Dental Holiday?”  I have noticed recently, that the idea of heading overseas to save money on dental treatment is quite the trend.  Today, I wanted to talk about the risks involved in doing this and why it can end up costing you more in the long run!


Quality Of Treatment:

When heading overseas for dental treatment, you really need to do your home work!  Many overseas providers are not licensed nor do they have the same quality of training as we do here at home. They can often use outdated practices and materials.  Sterilisation practices can often be of a much lower standard!

Language Barriers:

When traveling abroad for a dental holiday, you are more likely to experience a language barrier with the dentist.  This can result in poor communication and misunderstanding of your dental needs.

Legal Recourse:

If something goes wrong during or after the dental treatment, trying to get legal help may be extremely difficult.  This leaves you on your own to try and fix any issues. And more out of your own wallet.  This typically results in patients having to have dental procedures fixed or redone once returning home, making the overall cost much higher.

Risks Involved in Traveling:

Traveling itself has its risks, including accidents, illnesses, or delays. Adding to this, could be the risk of having to return back overseas to have any post-procedural concerns addressed/fixed.  Due to different standards in care and procedures, many patients have found themselves in this situation.

In conclusion, while dental holidays may seem like a great idea, the risks and challenges associated with them outweigh the benefits. Instead, it is much safer to see your local dental clinic.  We can arrange payment plans to assist you with your budget!  Most importantly, we have high standards, fully qualified clinicians and support staff.  Our work is guaranteed and follow up care is just a phone call or short drive away.